It is the electromagnetic field that interaction of electrical charges with magnetic Charges.

Electromagnetic field creates where the positive and negative charges exit. They exert their forces within the field, and it can be measured in Volt/Meter.


Sources of electromagnetic field are

  • Artificial
  • Natural

Artificial electromagnet is just like a magnet, mobile signals TV signals and such others,



The field where electromagnetic waves are effective is called “Electromagnetic Field”, and are waves through which they moves are called “Quanta”, and it has a large frequency that’s why they are called “Ionizing Radiation” and the one which has lower frequency called “Non Ionizing Radiation”


Like X-rays, CT scan has larger frequency that’s why it’s called “Ionized Radiations” and mobile signals and other wireless signals are of lower frequency so they are the example of “Non Ionized Radiation”.


Some types of electromagnetic waves are:

  • Radio Waves
  • Micro waves
  • Infrared
  • Visible light
  • Ultra violet
  • X-rays
  • Gamma Rays

They are in order of increasing frequency and decreasing wavelength.

Let’s discuss them one by one.


Radio waves are longest wave lengths and of lowest frequency of electromagnetic waves. It has a range of miles. Radio waves are used in different type of wireless things like Mobile networks, satellites, wireless networks and such others.


Microwaves are after the radio waves with smaller waves length and frequency more than radio waves.



Infrared waves are smaller of waves length then microwaves and having frequency more than micro waves, they are of two types one is “near” infrared example of remote system and the other one is “far” infrared and they gives off  heat.



Visible light have waves length less then infrared waves but frequency of visible light is more than infrared waves. The light which can be seen by normal human eye is called visible light.


Ultraviolet waves are of shorter wave’s length then visible light but are of larger frequency than visible light and the one of the example is sun that it omits ultraviolet rays.



X-rays are among the one of shortest wave length and are off longest frequency in electromagnetic waves. They can be used on human body like C.T Scan of body.


Gamma is of the shortest wave length in electromagnetic waves and has the largest frequency. Gamma rays are usually in diagnosis of cancer.


Electromagnetic spectrum are having the wide range of light omits from them some of them are invisible and some are visible, if electromagnetism spectrum is seen through prism they are like of different color.